Pen2Pen By Olivier Pont

19,90 prezzo IVA inclusa



Pen2Pen, the first creation of Olivier Pont!
An easy and visual trick! You have only two pens — one is yellow, the other is transparent. You put the yellow pen into your pocket, and you show the transparent pen to the audience. Now comes the magic! Imagine you could change the transparent pen into the yellow pen, slowly, with only one or two fingers, and show every side of the pen during the color change. Impossible, but possible! This is Pen2Pen!
The color change is really visual! Incredible for the spectators. You will love performing this fabulous effect!
The pens could be used to write
You can perform it with people 360° AROUND YOU
Really easy to do
Instant reset
No paddle move
The pens are waiting for you! You will always have them with you! Perfect for street magic!


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